The definitive Waitrose shopping list

Mumsnetters recommend the poshest products to stock up on when you're doing a swanky food shop.

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1. Ready-cooked quails eggs

"Ponce-tastic, I know."


2. Frozen risotto

"A bloody cheap, quick, filling meal."


3. Yuzu juice

"Made out of a Japanese citrus fruit - my husband whips up a lovely salad dressing from it."


4. Lime and coconut ice cream

"Makes a nice base for a mock Pina Colada."



5. Membrillo

"A Spanish quince paste to accompany cheese."


6. 'Essential' caviar 



7. Burrata cheese

"Cheese made from mozzarella with curds and cream inside. It's amazing."



8. Pecan butterscotch yum yums

"They are the work of the devil. Do not go down that road, there is no way back."


9.  Aubergine pate

"Lovely with some crackers."



10. Tarte aux poires et chocolat 

"Food of the gods."


11. Vogel bread  

"You can't get that in Morrisons."


12. Blood orange juice

"All year round."



13. Balsamic pearls 

"I have a jar in the fridge, and eat them on their own."

balamic pearls 

14. Moorish smoked humous with chilli harissa

"A hit! My husband didn't like it so it's all mine. Smooth and creamy."


"We had them last night - amazing."

16. Frozen sweet potato chips

"Bloody yummy."


17. Black summer truffles

"In a tiny jar. Lovely stuff."


And finally...




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