The best recipes in Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients cookbook

5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food is Jamie Oliver's fastest selling cookbook yet. But is it any good? Here are the recipes Mumsnetters really rate from it. Buy it now

Super green spaghetti
green spaghetti

“A work of genius – this has changed my life! I have made it three times already, each time using different greens based on what I had in the fridge that week – cavolo nero, kale, spinach – and each time it was absolutely delicious (just have to slightly vary the amount of pasta water I put into the blender). I subbed torn mozzarella for the ricotta a couple of times, too, and it worked well. So versatile, easy, quick, cheap, nutritious and yummy.”

Harissa chicken tray bake

“Harissa chicken tray bake was really nice. It's a great way to roast vegetables and chicken and it was so super easy I would definitely do it again. A great 'I've got guests and no time to prepare' type of dish as it doesn't require you to disappear for any length of time at all.”

Egg & mango chutney flatbreads


“Oh dear God, I've just made the nearest thing to heaven! My teenage son just ate two and I won't be eating anything else for the rest of the week.”

Ham & egg curried noodles

“This was very simple and straightforward. I could easily imagine doing this after getting in from work – and it was very 'store cupboard' with its five ingredients so I can imagine making again.”

Ginger shaking beef

“The ginger shaking beef was delicious! I had it with rice. Next time I think I'd just slice some peppers in with the beef rather than the faff of a third pot to blanch pak choi in. I used soybean paste rather than miso as I had that in, so will be making again but with miso.”

Lemony courgette linguine

courgette linguine

“Tonight's dinner was the the courgette linguine. Easy prep, easy cook and really fresh and tasty.”

Easy fish curry

“The fish curry was amazing. We added spinach, and a bit more paste than the recipe suggested to use up the jar, but it was really good.”

Sticky lamb chops

“I made the sticky lamb chops tonight. Really gorgeous and pretty easy, but I'd echo what someone else said about watching him cook them as the recipe didn't include lots of info I got from watching Jamie cook it.”

Crazy good pork burger
pork burger

“The pork burgers – delicious! I made a version for my toddler and the greens were ignored but the burger, bun and cheese (substituted cheddar for blue cheese) were all eaten. So quick and easy!”

Quick Mexican breakfast

“A great one. Super simple but very effective. We had it as brunch but it would also make a great tea time alternative on those nights when you want to do something simple like beans on toast etc. I took Jamie's advice to season it well and that made a definite difference.”

Has all this sufficiently whet your appetite? Buy the book