Welsh recipes for St David's Day

cheese on toast

St David's Day falls on March 1, and it's the perfect excuse to cook up some traditional Welsh delicacies. We've rounded up some of Mumsnetters' favourite treats

Welsh cakes

Traditionally cooked on an iron bakestone, these cakes can also be made in a non-stick pan.

welsh cakes

Bara Brith

A delicious fruitcake with tea-soaked filling to make it extra moist.

bara brith

Welsh rarebit

A thick and indulgent variation of cheese on toast. And who doesn't love cheese on toast, right?

welsh rarebit

Lamb and leek hotpot

Wonderfully warming, this rustic hotpot is perfect for a cosy evening in.

lamb hotpot

Slow cooker leek and potato soup

Slow-cooking makes for an extra thick and chunky soup that's full of flavour.

leek and potato soup