10 half-term activities (come rain or shine)

Springtime in the UK is not always blessed with glorious sunshine - but thankfully, Mumsnetters have some spot-on suggestions for having fun with the kids, whatever the British weather throws at you

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1. Bring the beach to you

"We make a beach indoors out of flour mixed with a little baby oil. I put it inside a small toy box, my daughter gets out her Playmobil people and we build sandcastles with them out of small cups. It's lots of fun, albeit a little messy!"


2. Ditch the consoles

"We love playing board games as a family. Fun things like Twister are always entertaining, and keep them away from their Xbox and iPad for a while."


3. Dust off your old photos

"This sounds really quaint in a digital age, but we like to spend a few hours sorting through our old photos and putting them in some kind of order. On a bleak winter's day, it's therapeutic to look back on some lovely holidays, and days we had out when the weather was better."


4. Blanket forts and pillow dens

"Den-making is a great indoor activity - especially if you then let the kids eat their lunch in the den!"


5. Get the wellies on and jump in a puddle

"Nothing beats getting out for a good walk in the woods, whatever the weather (in fact mud and puddle splashing makes it even more fun)."


6. Go wild for the wildlife

"Make fat balls for the birds, especially at this time of year!" (But don't, whatever you do, leave them in the fridge for your other half to eat...)


7. A loo roll goes a long way

"We love having craft days: we save cardboard boxes and cartons, and glue them together to see what we can invent."


8. Avast me hearties!

"I love doing theme days with the kids. For example, we'll have a pirate day and start by building our boat, raising the mainsail (a sheet) and establishing roles on board. Maybe cook a pirate lunch together, which we eat on board our ship, followed by some more craft activities, like making a telescope, binoculars, treaure chest etc - basically anything that can be made out of egg boxes and kitchen roll tubes. And we play games like 'Captain's coming' and learn a jig and sea shanty."


9. Do the robot 

"We make robots out of stuff from the recycling bin. We use up cereal boxes, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs etc, stick them together and cover them in foil, creating a little army of robots. That keeps them busy for an hour or so..."


10. You are cordially invited...

"We often bake a cake for my daughter's soft toys when it's their 'birthday'. We make party hats, blow up balloons and make a card while the cake is in the oven. Once the cake's ready, we have little birthday picnic on the rug to celebrate. "


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