Sick of throwing away stale bread? This is for you.

If you usually end up feeding stale bread to the ducks or - heaven forfend - actually binning it, then these great ideas from Mumsnetters should prove inspirational (as well as money-saving).



panzanella recipe

If the stale bread is the crusty variety, you can make a salad with the hardened bread, chopped tomatoes, green and red peppers and a dressing made with ground black pepper, lemon, salt and olive oil.


Herb crusts


Great for fish or chicken - and you get to incorporate all sorts of interesting flavours (herbs, chopped seeds or nuts, garlic, lemon zest)


Spaghetti pangrattato


Fry some bacon. Remove bacon leaving the fat. Crush garlic into the pan, add a bit more butter, and sauté the crumbs till golden. Toss cooked pasta in the pan and add some fresh flat leaf parsley. Alternatively you could always use anchovies other than bacon.



Eggy Crusts

eggy bread

Beat a couple of eggs with salt and pepper, or cinnamon and sugar, dip in the stale crusts and fry until golden.



croutons recipe

Chop up the stale bread into cubes and fry in oil to use as croutons in soup and salads


Breadcrumb recipes 

First, make your breadcrumbs. Tear the old bread up, and put it in the oven after you have used it. Let the bread crisp up, then used a food mixer to make the crumbs. You can freeze it in bags at this point.


Recipes for using up stale bread


Even more recipes

If you're still looking for inspiration for things to do with old bread, Mumsnetters also recommend these recipes elsewhere on t'internet

Bread recipes in Top Bananas! The Mumsnet cookbook

  • p271 Bread and butter pudding 
  • p34 Eggy doorstops 
  • p221 Chicken dippers
  • p218 Burger me!
  • p49 Great balls of broccoli
  • p121 Bean burgers


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