18 ways to make veg taste amazing

 "I'm trying to eat more veg. How do I make it taste better?" 

"Juice it! Add lemon or lime, some ginger, then pour over ice."

 green juice

2. "Don't boil veg - it usually kills its natural sweetness." 

3. "Add salt - food needs salt."

4. "Roast it with honey."

 roasted veg 

5. "Whizz it up into thick winter soups." 

6. "Cheese sauce makes any veg tastier."

 cauliflower cheese 

7. "Cook it IN things - use less meat and bulk out with veg."

8. "Mix pesto through it." 

Right - give me ideas for specific veggies...

9. "Corn on the cob grilled with brown sugar."

 corn on the cob with butter 

10. "Veg In The Hole - instead of sausages, use vegetables of your choice. Chop them up quite coarsely, give them a swift stir fry and then chuck them into batter." 

11. "Sugar snaps raw."

sugar snap peas 

12. "Batons and sticks of lightly-cooked veg dipped into soft boiled eggs like soldiers." 

13. "Homemade guacamole and bought salsa with extra tomatoes in it. Dip celery, carrot, red peppers and crisps in."


14. "Try leeks baked with mascarpone: layer sliced leeks, parmesan, mascarpone (or cream) in a dish, and oven bake."

15. "Red cabbage with apple and cinnamon."  

 red cabbage and apple 

16. "Kale crisps (baked with salt)."

17. "Spiralise courgette into spaghetti (courgetti) and stir fry with a tomato sauce." 

18. "Make a coleslaw with red or white cabbage, grated carrot, celery, toasted nuts, sesame seeds, spring onions and vinaigrette - crunchy goodness!"




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