Want to cook the perfect steak? Here's how

You don't need to fork out big money at a restaurant for the perfect steak - Lidl asked Mumsnetters to share their secrets on how to serve up a sizzler at home

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1. Turn up the heat

"Get the frying pan or griddle super hot so you can sear the steaks for a minute on each side to keep the flavour and juices in. Then reduce the heat for the rest of the cooking time."

2. ...and choose an oil to match

"Use groundnut oil - you can get it hotter than other oils."

3. Fat is your friend

"I think way too many people are used to seeing fat and recoiling, without realising that it's the fat that gives your meat a real depth of flavour. I do cut off anything really excessive, but I cook it in the pan with the steak so that I still get the flavour anyway."

4. Step away from the pan

"Don't fiddle with it! Just stick it in the pan and leave it to cook. No shaking. No peeking, no faffing. Just leave it until it is ready to turn."

5. Finding out if it's ready is a pinch

"To tell how well done the steak is, pinch your first finger and thumb together - feel the pad of your thumb - if the steak feels the same it is rare. If you want medium, pinch your thumb and second finger together, and for well done, your ring finger."

6. Earn your stripes


"I got fed up with my new top of the range countertop grill not being hot enough and returned it. I then bought a cheaper version from Lidl at £19.99 which is excellent for cooking steak."

7. Instead of hot as hell, you could go low and slow

"My partner showed me how to put a room temperature steak in a warm pan and cook it slowly, and for a long time - almost as if it's poaching in its juices."

8. Or pick a mad-sounding marinade that works wonders

"Sounds awful, but soak a fillet steak in coke for three hours, then cook on the BBQ."

9. Remember good things come to those who wait

"Rest the steak for five minutes before serving so the meat can relax and is more tender."

10. And that you can't beat a classic combo


"We like ours with peppercorn sauce, rustic chips, some salad and lots of beer battered onion rings!"

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