Top Bananas! The best ever family recipes from Mumsnet



"Family recipes – tried and tested… and tested… and tested – win hands down in any tasting competition I have ever attended. This book is an ultimate collection of such winners: reliable, useful and, most importantly, completely delicious." Yotam Ottolenghi

Here's how the book came about...

Over the years Mumsnetters have shared and swapped sure-fire recipes ranging from breakfast to Sunday lunches, and from one-pot wonders to party food. Right now we have over 2700 of their best efforts in our recipes section.

Which got us thinking - wouldn't it be a nice/handy thing to publish a book bringing together the best of them? And so began a two year project to bring the Mumsnet cookbook Top Bananas! to fruition.


Creating the book

Once we had an idea of the structure of the book - obviously we needed chapters on cooking with kids, genius packed lunch ideas and foolproof fast food recipes - we picked out hundreds of the best-rated recipes on the site and put them out to Mumsnetters for re-testing. Over 300 users helped out, pulling no punches when it came to their results from "delicious and pleasing to the eye" to "a sloppy mess".

The whittled-down list then made its way to Top Bananas! authors Claire and Lucy McDonald - aka the sisters behind the Crumbs Food blog. They tested every one of the recipes that appear in the book, reworking and rewriting them all. Every recipe was also looked over by a nutritionist too.

When it came to putting the book together the recipes had one final once-over by the team responsible for photography with every dish cooked from scratch so it could be photographed. So that means every recipe has been tested at least four times. There are probably barely a handful of recipe books on the market right now that have had that level of attention paid to each recipe. When we say tried and tested, we really mean it!


Sneak peek 


Three Minute Sponge recipe 





Behind the scenes at the making of Top Bananas!


How to buy it

Top Bananas! is OUT NOW and you can order it now for £9 currently on Amazon and it's also available in around 400 Tesco stores.

Please, please, do review it on Amazon (if you like it - obvs). Would love to hear what you all think.





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