Top tips for weaning your baby onto their first solid foods

Baby eating food

Weaning your baby onto solid foods isn't always easy. Lidl asked Mumsnet users for their best tips and tricks, the best of which we've added here. Vote for the ones you find the most helpful by clicking on the thumbs-up and you can help rank the tips by order of usefulness

And remember…snap away!

baby in a highchair with messy face

“Remember to take photos of them covered in food. Oh, and always expect the radius of mess to be larger than it should reasonably be.”

What our Bloggers say…..

Lidl'uns Organic Fruit & Veg Purées are perfect for weaning.
“It takes the pressure off – I don’t feel so guilty about the fact I didn’t make the food from scratch” Bibiana Yetty (find her on Twitter too @BibianaYetty) – Mumsnet blogger
Lidl have a full range of Fun Size Fruit and Veg, designed specifically for children with snacking cucumbers, bananas and easy peeler oranges.
“They are really baby-friendly portions so great for weaning and make vegetables fun.” Mummascribbles – Mumsnet blogger

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