Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your breadmaker

Breadmaker in the back of a cupboard? Learn to love it with Mumsnetters' top tips.

1. Prepare to save some serious dough

"We get three loaves out of an 80p bag of flour so it is much cheaper than buying bread."

"I find it cheaper to buy a wholesale box of sachets of quick yeast from Amazon, rather than buy individual packets in the supermarket."  


2. Get it out of the cupboard, for crying out loud

"The trick to using them regularly is to either have it out permanently, or have it instantly accessible in a cupboard, where you don't stack anything in front of it and can just pull it out immediately."


3. Packet mixes are absolutely fine <gavel>

"I buy the Sainsbury's 75p bread mixes – the seeded one is lovely, and so is the basic wholemeal one. I always have them in the house for a 'rapid loaf.'"


4. Keep 'em small

"Fresh bread goes stale faster than shop-bought packet bread, so make smaller loaves more often." 

5. Get one with a built-in 'bit for adding things'

"That's how you make multi-seed bread... And the cheese and bacon loafs <cries into points calculator>"


6. Timer function = fresh warm morning loaf

"A breadmaker will have a lovely loaf baked ready for breakfast. I'm sure as hell not going to get out of bed to start mixing dough in the middle of the night."


7. Roll your own

"I just use my (admittedly ancient) breadmaker for dough and then bake it in the oven so I can make bread rolls. You get all the convenience of the dough being mixed and raised, but more variation than just a standard loaf."


8. Pizza (because pizza)

"Another staple of ours is 'pizza parties' with the kids. If they have a chum coming, I'll set off dough cycle (again with a bread mix. I know some people think it defeats the point - but it makes it literally effortless - and tastes good). Then kids roll and top pizzas."


9. Invest in a decent knife or bread slicer

"One piece of advice: buy a decent slicer. We bought one for £100 but it makes slicing so simple. Otherwise the kids were slicing off random chunks and the loaf was gone, so I just slice it first."


10. Try out these fool-proof, Mumsnetter tried-and-tested recipes...

White loaf

Wholemeal loaf

Apple tea loaf


Here's all you need to get started...

Panasonic breadmaker

Lakeland EvenSlice

Allison's Easy Bake Yeast



Last updated: 5 months ago