Three-minute microwave meringues

RebeccaMumsnet demos a brilliant dessert hack: no-whisk microwave meringues

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    • 300g icing sugar

    • 1 egg whites


    1. Separate the egg white from one egg.
    2. Mix in icing sugar until the consistency is mould-able in your hands - none of the faff of whisking up the white and folding in the icing sugar!
    3. Roll small amounts of the mixture into marble sized balls and place 4 of these spaced out onto kitchen roll on a cold plate.
    4. Place in the microwave for 1-2 minutes on full power and watch in amazement.
    5. Once they have grown they will need about a further 20-30 seconds to dry out in the middle. The exact time will depend upon the power of your microwave.

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