5 tips for the very best Greek salad

Whether you're sunning yourself on the beaches of Rhodes or simply enjoying the British heatwave while it lasts, Greek salad is an unrivaled summer staple. Looking to step things up a bit when it comes to your recipe? Mumsnetters share their very best tips, tricks and unexpected twists

1) It's all about getting that dressing just right

“I have perfected my salad dressing for a Greek salad – olive oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, oregano, salt and pepper. Shake it all up and pour it over.”

2) Add something refreshing

“Watermelon works really well with feta, and some mint leaves are a lovely addition.”

3) When it comes to taste, convenience doesn't have to mean compromise

“Chopped feta, cucumber, black olives, cherry toms and red onion. Mix in a bowl with loads of shop bought tzatziki – yum.”

4) If in doubt, follow Nigella's lead

“Nigella's version is lovely. The key step is soaking the red onions in white wine vinegar for 30 minutes before they go in to the salad, so they're slightly sharp but not quite so overwhelmingly onion-y.”

5) Don't be afraid on unexpected twists

“Chuck in a few capers, if you've got any. Yes to dried oregano. Yes to very thinly sliced green pepper.”