Suzi Witt's Blinky the Alien

Blinky the Alien

You can make this character any size you choose. For the size shown here, use the templates below. The fondant colours for Blinky are purple, white, yellow, red, black and pink. You will need the same colours for the accessories.

You will need:

  • Basic modelling kit
  • Fondant (purple, white, yellow, red, black and pink)
  • Purple edible tint
  • Snowflake lustre dust
  • Kitchen paper 


1. Roll 5 equal-sized balls of dark purple fondant, 1 larger ball and 4 smaller balls of light purple and 1 small white ball.

2. Roll each dark purple ball to make a sausage 5mm in diameter and the lengths shown on the template. Wrap the other balls in a plastic bag.

3. Curve the largest sausage and glue the ends together. Use the pointed colour shaper to soften the join.

4. Repeat step 3 for the other sausages. The loops will get progressively smaller. Glue them one on top of the other.

5. Roll the larger light purple ball into an egg shape, to make the head. Glue into the hole at the top of the body.

6. Using a size 2 nozzle, make a groove in the correct position for a smiling mouth.

Step 1 Step 1                    Step 6  Step 6

7. Push a large ball tool into the head, to make an eye shape. Press the index finger of your free hand against the fondant on top of the ball tool to make a lip over the eye socket.

8. Using a cocktail stick, make an open mouth ready for the tongue to sit in.

9. Take the small ball of white fondant and cut in half with a scalpel.

10. Shape 1 of the halves so it is smooth and round and push it into the eye socket, gluing in place.

11. Cut out small circles of yellow and red fondant and roll a small ball of black fondant. These must be small enough to fit on the white eye.

12. Glue on the yellow fondant circle, then the red, and push down with the flat-ended colour shaper so they're flush with the white fondant.

13. Glue on the black ball and push down with the flat-ended colour shaper.

Step 1414. Add a tiny ball of white fondant to the eye.

15.  Take 2 of the small light purple balls and press down with the side of your thumb to create a flat half.

16. Apply glue to the flat half of each piece and slot underneath the body.

17. Make 3 holes in each foot using the pointed colour shaper. 

18. Use a cocktail stick to make a slot in each side of the upper body, ready for the arms. 

19. Take the remaining 2 light purple balls and roll them into long cone shapes. 

Step 2020. Cut a small thumb slit in each cone. 

21. Take 1 cone and, using your fingertip, smooth out the thumb and fingers to look like a mitten. 

22. Bend the arm to make an elbow and curve the hand around so the fingers tuck into the palm. 

23. Wrap the thumb over the top of the fingers. 

24. Repeat steps 21–23 to make the other arm, then secure both arms in the slots created in step 18 and glue in place. 

Step 2525. Cut 2 small strips of red fondant, then wrap them around the tops of the arms to cover any messy joins. 

26. Using a cocktail stick, make a row of tiny holes along each red strip to resemble armour. 

27. Using red fondant, roll 3 tiny cone shapes. They should be very thin and pointy.

28. Glue the cones to the top of the head. Once fixed in place, bend the ends with your fingertips to make them curl.

29. Cut out a teardrop shape of light pink fondant and slice off the point. Make a groove with the back of a scalpel.

Step 3030. Put some glue into the hole you made for the mouth in step 8 and push in the tongue.

31. Brush dark purple edible tint into all the holes in the toes and around the rings of the body.


Satin white planet

1. On your board or cake, add lumps of fondant to create little mountain bumps.

2. Cover the board or cake with white fondant. 

3. Mix snowflake lustre dust with dipping solution and paint onto the fondant.

4. To create texture, press a crumpled sheet of kitchen paper all over the fondant. 

Cake Design

Blinky and his friends can be used to decorate any cake, cake board, cake tiers or individual cupcakes. The latter works very well as each cupcake is related but slightly different. You can create a satin white planet effect on a large cake, mini cake or cupcake surface.

Template (click for printable)



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