Barbecue hacks: surprise your guests this summer

Forget burnt bangers and dried out burgers - when Lidl asked Mumsnetters for their best barbecue tips they came up trumps. THIS is how to throw a BBQ people will remember. #lidlsurprises

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Salads and sides to make things go with a swing

grilled potatoes

"I do parboiled baby new potatoes on skewers, brushed with olive oil and a sprinkle of garlic salt - so roast potatoes, but on a skewer!"

"Thickly slice a baguette and spread garlic butter on both sides. Place on a grill for 1-2 minutes each side. Really simple but delicious."

"Bacon-wrapped bananas are the best BBQ food! I appreciate that they sound truly awful, but next time you have a BBQ try peeling a banana, wrapping it in streaky bacon, and barbecuing on both sides. It's AMAZING; whenever I can convince someone to try it, they're completely won over!"

grilled watermelon

"I always grill watermelon on my BBQ. Guests look at me like I'm nuts but when I serve the watermelon, feta and mint salad, they all rave about it."

"Here's a salsa that complements BBQ food perfectly: add finely diced onion and green pepper to a tin of chopped tomatoes, then stir in the juice of a lime, a couple of dashes of vinegar, a finely chopped chilli and loads of freshly chopped coriander. Leave covered in fridge for a few hours or preferably overnight, enjoy with chips, crudites and crackers."

"Here's a very simple but delicious home made coleslaw recipe of mine - red cabbage, white cabbage, red onion and apple all sliced up and mixed with blue cheese dressing. It's gorgeous."

Get creative with seafood

grilled salmon

"Lay a bed of sliced lemon and sprigs of dill in tin foil and barbecue the salmon on top of them to infuse the fish with all that lovely flavour."

"Choose your bread - pannini/ciabatta doesnt matter - butter one side and spread some sweet chilli sauce on the other side of bread, then some tuna mayo mixture, a handful of mozzerella and a bit more sweet chilli. Put another other slice of bread on top, buttered side up. BBQ until both sides are a golden brown. Delicious with a lovely salad and glass of wine."

"Salmon fillets are lovely marinaded in soy sauce, honey and a little olive oil - they go all sticky."

Grill some finger-lickin' chicken

grilled chicken

"Chicken marinated in full fat cola is always really popular." 

"Chop some garlic and coriander; mix with the juice of two or three limes and leave chicken breasts to soak overnight in tin foil. Cook the chicken, still in the foil, on the BBQ. Lush."

"Open a can of beer or cider and take a generous slurp. Sit can on baking tray. Shove chicken down over the can so it's standing upright. Put on barbeque with the lid down and leave to roast. Rip apart and serve with crusty bread and salad."

Wham bam thank you lamb

grilled lamb

"I love marinating lamb with spices and oil or brushing with curry paste and threading on skewers with peppers and tomatoes to make kebabs. Really simple. Looks and tastes good."

"Slice a whole aubergine and then put spiced minced lamb in between each slice and reassemble onto a long skewer. Takes a while to cook but it's delicious."

Vegetarian delights to mix it up

grilled mushroom

"Remove the stalks from some field mushrooms and stuff it with a mixture of grated cheese, finely-chopped onion (spring onion or red is best) and lots of grain mustard. Brush the mushroom with oil and barbecue until the mushroom is cooked and the cheese mixture has melted."

"Try mini rataouille and feta bakes. Chop up peppers, courgettes, mushrooms and tomatoes into little cubes. Add similar sized cubes of feta cheese and put into little one portion sized foil parcels. Bake for about 7 mins. Little hot parcels of veggie scrumptiousness!"


"Barbecue aubergine till it's a bit black and all smokey and then stuff the blighter into a roll with some hummus and chilli sauce." 

"We like halloumi and plum kebabs, the contrast in flavours is great."

Of course, you'll need a show-stopping pudding

grilled watermelon

"Pineapple is brilliant on the BBQ. Muddle some sugar with fresh mint leaves and rub into fresh pineapple slices. Let the slices marinade for a few hours, the grill ‘til the sugar caramelises."

"Banana, covered in golden syrup, wrapped in foil and left to cook on the BBQ while the first course is eaten. Mmmmmm!"

"Campfire cones - waffle ice cream cones stuffed with chocolate bits, marshmallows, strawberries or whatever else you fancy. Wrap in foil and put on the grill when it's not too hot."


For even more recipe inspiration head to Lidl's website where you'll find this lovely barbecue recipe for grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce, cucumber and spring onion from Kevin Love (former Head Chef at Heston Blumenthal's gastropub The Hind's Head). 

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