Easy World Cup TV snacks 

If you can't tear your family away from the TV over the next month, these simple meal and snack ideas will keep you all going

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Finger lickin' picks

Crispy potato skins 

Using just olive oil and baking potatoes, you can be as inventive as you like with the sides - try homemade salsa or sour cream. 

Lovely chicken fingers 

You can cut down on the time needed to make these by using pre-made sage and onion stuffing for an inventive way to add more flavour.

Chicken and mushroom bites 

Perfect for larger gatherings, these chicken and mushroom bites are lovely served with a dollop of sweet chilli sauce. 

One-handed snacks

Italian job toastie

Put some Parma ham, basil and beef tomato slices on a lovely ciabatta, toast and serve.

Chinese chicken wraps

You can also use turkey to make these soft, savoury and easy-to-eat wraps, which use honey for extra sweetness.

Pitta pizzas 

Choose whichever toppings you like to make these super speedy pizzas, ready in just 10 minutes from start to finish. 

Chips and dips

Trashy weekend chilli 

This unbelievably easy chilli comes complete with a bag of Doritos, to up the glam factor, so perfect for vegging out in front of the telly. 

Chilli cheese dip 

For a truly amazing homemade dip that will stop you in your tracks, try this one, which uses fresh coriander, plum tomatoes, chilli and more. 


Cool and refreshing, this recipe for the Greek yoghurt dip tzatziki provides a nice contrast against cheesy, spicy snacks.

Veggie crowd-pleasers


Spanish tortilla omelette 

Great served hot and cold, especially with big chunks of crusty bread and a cerveza. 

Quick Thai salad

It doesn't all have to be stodgy finger food - this incredibly zingy Thai salad is packed with healthy veggies, and still easy to eat with your eyes on the screen.

Courgette fritters 

Made with sweetcorn, garlic and a generous helping of courgette, shallow fry these fritters to make a tasty and nutritious snack. 

Hearty grub

Pork burgers 

A twist on the traditional beef burger, this pork recipe uses fennel seeds for an intriguing and punchy flavour.  

Chorizo TV pasta 

Easy to make in bulk, with roasted peppers and loads of garlic, this version is bursting with rich flavours.

Raspberry chicken drumsticks 

Chicken drumsticks are always a winner for football games, and this inventive version uses raspberry jam to make a sticky glaze. 

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