Sporty snacks for active kids

Whether on the football pitch, netball court or playground, children need refuelling after they've been charging around. Lidl asked Mumsnetters to share their top recipes for active kids

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Pecan bars

Apple, cinnamon and pecan energy bars

Oat squaresRaspberry or strawberry soft oat squares

"My boys are keen footballers and I make energy bars to keep them going. One of their favourites is this apple and cinnamon one."

"I love this recipe for oat squares - they're like soft cereal bars. They're really quick and easy to make and so yummy! They would make a good breakfast, snack or pudding."

Frittata Vegetable frittata

Cheese and ham pinwheelsCheese and ham pinwheels

"We have fussy kids, but you can chuck whatever veg is 'acceptable' into the frittata."

"I make cheese and ham pinwheels for mine as a filling snack to eat in the car after school on the way to taekwondo."

Peanut power bite
Peanut power bites

Seedy oatcakesSeedy oatcakes

"My kids are very active, and my seven-year-old son is really not bothered about eating, so I make peanut power bites to fill him up and keep him going. I wanted something to get protein into him. They're also a good dairy and wheat-free alternative to flapjacks."

"These seedy oatcakes are easy to carry and eat. The crunchy texture goes well with toppings and dips."

Berry smoothie Berry smoothie with oats

Chocolate milkshakeMilk milkshake of milk

"I make mine these lovely smoothies. Other ingredients (eg spinach) can be added to change the composition, and you can add more nutrients depending on the age of the child."

"Mine love a post match/cycle milk milkshake of milk - a milkshake with a couple of teaspoons of powdered skimmed milk for added protein."

Clever hacks for on-the-go snacks

Eggs in muffin tins

"I do that thing of cooking eggs in muffin tins - sometimes with ham, bacon, cheese or tomatoes - and then freezing them. They make for a quick, easy breakfast or snack."

"I have one of those wide thermoses and in cold weather I put warm pasta salad (with rocket because it wilts on the warm pasta) into it and the children have it after sailing."

"I make egg toasties directly in a toasty maker."

"Cut bread into fingers and coat it thinly with a choice of hummus, pesto, peanut butter, cheese, Marmite, mashed vegetables or homemade cooking sauces. Then toast, microwave or bake until crisp. This makes them portable, sturdy, and easy to clean and eat. They contain minimal sugar and plenty of fibre and nutrients."

And here are a few suggestions from Lidl's celebrity chef Kevin Love...

Sweet and sour chicken

Sweet and sour chicken

Chicken and veg kebabsChicken and veg kebabs 

Bubble and squeak cakes Bubble and squeak cakes

Banana loaf

Banana loaf

Fruit and nut barsFruit and nut energy bars 

Apple pancakes Apple and oat pancakes

In association with Lidl

Lidl believe all children deserve the opportunity to lead an active healthy lifestyle, meeting new friends whilst honing their skills and nurturing their love of the beautiful game. They have partnered with The FA, Scottish FA and FA of Wales as part of their commitment to help grow grassroots football across the country. 

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