Six alternatives to chips

Do you love a good spud but feeling uninspired at the prospect of yet another serving of chips? Spice up your side dishes with these six great takes from our Mumsnet recipe archive


Garlic new potatoes Sweet potato wedges Potato latkes
Roast new potatoes with herbs and garlic are a delicious and different take on a classic.  Packed with vitamin A, these sweet potato wedges use just a touch of olive oil for a tasty alternative to starchy spuds. Potatoes, onions and a touch of nutmeg make these latkes great at Hannukah, and all year round. 


Paprika and chilli wedges Cheesy mash Celeriac chips
These flavoursome potato wedges are loved by all. Adjust the amount of spice if you're cooking for kids.  In the world of potatoes, cheesy mash must rank highly as the most comforting and simple dish. If you to go carb-free, these super healthy celeriac chips are great, flavoured with curry powder or paprika. 


Last updated: over 2 years ago