15 ideas to shake up breakfast

Stuck in a breakfast rut? Mumsnetters suggest ways to kickstart your morning with gusto

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1. Put the pizzazz back into porridge

"Try porridge with grated apple or pear and sultanas - and a sprinkle of cinnamon if you're feeling fruity. Or banana and honey. Or with a spoonful of Nutella stirred in if you want to win a Mum Of The Year award."

2. Go to work on an egg 

"How about some egg bites? Make an omelette mix with chopped up ham, tomato, cheese (whatever you want really). Then grease a muffin tin and fill each muffin space with the mix. Bake for 20 minutes (these would keep in the fridge for 2-3 days) et voila - a very healthy, non-crumb making breakfast for on the run."

3. Adopt some continental habits 

"Cheese and ham croissants. Prep them the day before and heat them in the oven for a few minutes." 

4. Make treats to grab and go

"Raw brownie bars - dates, nuts and cacao powder (no sugar or cooking needed). A batch will last several days."

5. Stack up some fruity pancakes

"Banana pancakes! Per child: one manky banana, one egg, one tbsp porridge oats, one tbsp self-raising flour (I use wholemeal) and a pinch of baking powder. Mash the banana and chuck everything else in. Then fry in whatever oil you fancy (I use rapeseed) and make dessert spoon-ish sized pancakes. They are a massive hit here, and a good way to sneak protein into my serial protein avoider."

6. Make your parfait the pièce de résistance

"Something you could try is a breakfast parfait. Get a pretty glass or jar and pop in some yoghurt, a layer of fruit, a layer of oats and then repeat. Some children get quite excited by that as it's like having a dessert for breakfast - and it's a way of you getting oats into them."

7. Have an alternative to bread and butter

"Try crumpets or scotch pancakes, which they can still have with their favourite toppings - be that jam, Nutella or a boiled egg."

8. Use freeze-ahead treats 

"Homemade muffins - sweet or savoury. They freeze well. We like spinach and cheese."

9. Know that sometimes a simple bagel is all you need

"Bagels - I like a cinnamon and raisin one with peanut butter. Yum."

10. Make a brunch classic for breakfast

"Roast tomatoes and avocado on toast is my favourite breakfast, but not as quick as cereal. Avocado smashed on toast with some lime and chilli flakes is though."

11. Pack energy into something small

"How about some 'energy balls'? Sweet little balls of dried fruit and nuts - organic, no additives and vegan. In my experience kids love them. A few balls of these with a glass of almond milk are really great and provide so much energy!"

12. Squeeze in all the fruit you can

"Fruit smoothie frozen lollies."

13. Make a batch of something sweet

"Flapjack bars - oats, raisins and banana (no sugar or syrup needed). A batch will last several days."

14. Put breakfast pizza into rotation...

"Breakfast pizza: toast one side of an English muffin (under the grill). Slightly toast the other side then add a slice of ham, cheese and tomato (if they will eat it - or some decent ketchup on the side when served). Then bung back under the grill to melt the cheese. Really quick, really easy and really yummy."

15. Knock up a slice or two of eggy heaven 

"I often make a frittata (this week with courgettes and feta and 10 eggs). Slice it up and keep in the fridge to just grab in morning. It's great to eat on the go or shove in a tub to take to work."

Be inspired by The Mumsnet cookbook, Top Bananas! It's full to the brim with delicious breakfast ideas - and much, much more.

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