Mumsnet's Great British Bake Off-inspired recipes

If like thousands of us you're counting down to the new series of The Great British Bake Off and are already getting the urge to get the baking trays out again, then feast your eyes on these recipes from MNers, inspired by last year's GBBO competition highlights. Re-enact Custardgate or channel Ruby's filo mastery...



Remember Custardgate from the last series? "It's either a terrible error or the most incredible case of baking espionage I've ever seen," was Sue Perkins' take on Deborah's purloining of Howard's custard.

Happily our wintry trifle uses a pint of ready-made custard, which should put paid to any crème anglaise criminality.


Pies and tarts

Last year's pastry-focused week saw the fear of soggy bottoms really get to the contestants. "If you do not know how to make a sweet pastry or a shortcrust pastry you shouldn't be in that tent," barked Paul Hollywood.

Glenn's delicious-looking spanikopita doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, so try our version of Greek pie, made with sundried tomatoes instead.



There was a public outcry in 2013 when the press revealed that instead of making her own traybakes, judge Mary Berry was guilty of popping into her local bakery where she "regularly buys their 'convenient' eight-slice brownie traybake, costing £3.99." The scandal!

Maybe Mary hasn't seen our chocolate cake traybake which takes a scant 10 minutes to prepare.


European buns

True to form, series four finalist Ruby was worried that her cinnamon buns were overdone, but she got a thumbs-up from the judges who proclaimed her the week's star baker.

The good thing is our soft iced cinnamon buns only take 15 minutes to bake. The bad news is there's a two-hour proving stage you have to get through first.


Choux pastry

In a near-perfect depiction of the proverb 'pride goeth before a fall' Kimberley on hearing about the choux bun challenge said; "It's not very complicated, they're scared of it much more than they need to be because it's actually very simple." She promptly came fourth that week, but was a 2013 finalist.

Happily our profiteroles recipe is both 'easy' AND 'delicious'. And the chocolate icing on the choux bun is that they look way harder to make than they actually are. A total win, then.


The Great British Bake Off series five starts on BBC One at 8pm on Wednesday 7th August 2014. For more information on the programme see the GBBO website

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