Brilliant recipes for store-cupboard heroes

In between food shops? Cleaned out by a pack of ravening teens? If you have a well-stocked storecupboard, all is not lost. Mumsnetters share their must-have ingredients - and the three family dishes they make with each one.


"With a slow cooked tagine, in a salad mixed with lemon and herbs - or popped in the middle of a pepper or courgette and roasted."

The easiest tagine in the world, ever  

Couscous and pomegranate salad 

Peppers stuffed with couscous



"In an omelette, some variation of carbonara, or a frittata."

Basic omelette 

Spaghetti carbonara 

Family frittata



"To make a pizza base or dumplings for popping on top of a stew, and - the kids' absolute favourite -Yorkshire puddings."

Pizza base

Beef stew and dumplings

Yorkshire puddings


Tinned tomatoes  

"I use them for everything: chilli con carne, pasta sauce or if I'm making tacos. Also a million more things!"

Easy chilli

Pasta sauce 



Tinned tuna

"In a sandwich filling, as a jacket potato topping, or used in a salad niçoise."

Tuna sweetcorn

 Tuna bean jackets 

Tuna pasta salad


Tinned sweetcorn

"With plain boiled rice, as a pick'n'mix of tinned tuna, boiled eggs, peas etc for an empty fridge meal, or with pasta."

Egg fried rice

Tuna rice salad

Tuna sweetcorn pasta 


Straight-to-wok noodles

"A quick noodle soup, a stir fry - or just add hot stock and a few vegetables, and simmer for three minutes for fast healthy food."

Speedy chicken noodle soup 

Stir-fried oriental noodles

King prawn and broccoli noodles



"Great in soups, in a tarka dhal or for making mince stretch further."

Lentil soup

Lentil curry (dahl)

Savoury mince



"Cooked the night before and mixed with mayo and added to salad, as a good old pasta bake, or to have with bolognese."


Summery chicken pasta

Pasta bake 

 Spaghetti bolognese



"For breakfast, as the topping for a stew or, if you fancy something sweet, make biscuits."

Chai oatmeal

Chicken stew

Oatmeal biscuits


Sriracha chilli sauce

"Fantastic on eggs or in chilli - and it livens up a bland leek and potato soup."

Spicy scrambled eggs


Leek and potato soup


Dried mushrooms

"They can go into a risotto, on a pizza or in pasta."


Oven-baked mushroom risotto  

Cauliflower pizza crust 

Pancetta and mushroom pasta


Risotto rice

"Making risotto (obviously), adding an extra starchy/creamyness to soups, or for rice pudding."


Chorizo risotto

Vegetable soup  

 Apricot rice pudding



"Use on salmon to pep up fish, with puff pastry for palmiers/pinwheels, or stir into pasta for quick dinner when rushed."


Pesto-crusted fish

Pesto cheese straws 

Pesto chicken pasta 


Corn starch

"Great for making gravies for roasts, for cream sauces, and much better than flour when making home made chicken nuggets."


Cream sauce

 Chicken nuggets


Flour tortillas

"As wraps with various fillings for packed lunches, or to make amazing fajitas - and the kids often use them to make quesadillas themselves (cook with melted cheese inside)."

Veggie tortillas

Chicken fajitas



Garlic granules

"In homemade garlic bread, to season roast potatoes with fresh rosemary, or in a pizza sauce."


Spicy garlic butter

Best roast potatoes 

Tomato sauce 



"They're a healthy snack, great for cake - and an ideal addition to curries, where they add a tasty zing."

Apple and sultana loaf cake

Nihari chicken curry 

Banana and sultana crumble


Dijon mustard

"To boost sausage casserole, to flavour the batter in toad in the hole, or to make mustard cream sauce."

Classic sausage casserole

Toad in the hole

Pea, bacon & mustard pasta 


Coconut milk

"For making waffles, porridge and curry."



  Easy chicken satay curry


Tinned chickpeas

"In curries and salads, or with spinach and spices to make a healthy enchilada."


Chickpea and potato curry


Chickpea salad

Add to enchiladas

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