Sleeping Beauty Castle cake

sleeping beauty castle cakeThis rather beautiful fairytale castle takes a simple ingredient - ice-cream cones - and uses them to tremendous effect.


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  • (cuts into 35 small slices)

    Preparation: 1 hour


    1 × white ready-iced square 23cm (9 inch) sponge cake
    1 × white ready-iced round 15cm (6 inch) sponge cake 
    5 raspberry or strawberry Swiss rolls, about 9cm (3½ inch) long
    450g (1lb) white sugarpaste
    Icing sugar to dust
    Apricot glaze - (see our cake basics page).
    2 × quantities of pink buttercream icing (see our cake basics page)
    5 ice cream sugar cones

    For the decoration:
    multicoloured sprinkles
    red, pink, yellow, green and white writing icing
    sugar flowers
    small round pink sweets or pink edible balls
    paper flag

    You will also need
    1 × 30.5cm (12in) square cake board

    Tip: For convenience, complete the recipe up to one day in advance.

    Per slice
    425 cals; 8g fat (of which 3g saturates); 86g carbohydrate; 0.2g salt


    1 Put the square cake on the 30.5cm (12 inch) square cake board. Measure the circumference of a Swiss roll with a piece of string. Divide the sugarpaste into five pieces. Lightly dust a work surface with icing sugar, then roll out each piece of sugarpaste thinly into a rectangle the length of the Swiss roll by the length of the piece of string. Neaten the edges with a sharp knife. Brush each piece of icing with apricot glaze and roll around a Swiss roll, gently working the edges together to seal.

    2 Put the round cake in the centre of the square cake. Put a dollop of buttercream at each corner of the square cake and position four of the Swiss rolls, with the sealed edge facing inwards, to make towers. Smooth pink buttercream over four of the cones and spread a little on top of each tower. Dip the tips of the cones in sprinkles, then fix on top of the towers. Using red writing icing, draw a simple window, divided by four panes, at the top of each tower.

    3 At the front of the castle, use red writing icing to draw a door with a doorknob. Use pink and yellow writing icing to draw small flowers around the castle and below the windows. Fix a few sugar flowers to the walls with writing icing. Connect the flowers with green writing icing to represent stems. Use the green writing icing to draw clumps of grass around the base of the wall. Stick a sugar flower to the paper flag with writing icing.

    4 Position the remaining Swiss roll in the centre of the round cake. Cover the remaining cone with buttercream, dip in sprinkles and position on top of the round cake, fixing with a little buttercream. Draw on windows and decorate with sugar flowers as before. Make blobs of white writing icing, just touching each other, around the edges of the cones and decorate with pink sweets or edible balls. Stick the paper flag into the central tower.



    Recipes from Good Housekeeping: The Book of Cake Decorating, published by Collins & Brown.


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