Best pie recipes

apple pie

Celebrate British Pie Week (4-10 March 2019) with some of Mumsnetters' favourite pie recipes that are as easy as the proverbial pastry itself.

Root vegetable pie

This pie has a delicious cheesy filling and is a great way to use up leftover veg.

root veg pie

“I made this the other week and added a tin of butter beans to the sauce. It was lovely. The packet of puff pastry made enough for two pies, so one is in the freezer ready for a 'no cook' night.”

Corned beef pie

Cheap, easy to make, and great served cold for buffets or in packed lunches.

corned beef pie

“Really easy and really, really tasty – a big hit in this house. I'm going to make some in foil dishes for the freezer.”

Salmon pie

An alternative take on the humble fish pie.

Salmon pie

“I use salmon trimmings and bung a bit of cheese in. Tah-dah! It's one of our favourites.”

Chicken and tarragon pie

Chicken and tarragon in a creamy béchamel sauce – a wholesome, warming family dinner.

Chicken and tarragon pie

“A new family favourite to add to my repertoire, brilliant. So easy as well, can't believe I've never made it before.”

Spinach pastry pie

A surprisingly effective way of getting spinach into children.

Spinach pastry pie

“I have a vegan friend who has made this recipe without egg or cheese, using silken tofu instead – it just tastes less cheesy, but still fab.”

Easy apple pie

They had us at easy…

Easy apple pie

“Top tip for apple pies: you can get unsweetened sliced apples in a tin. Bung them in a pie dish with sugar/spices/raisins and cover with crumble or pastry and bake for 30 minutes. Very good for impromptu in-law visits.”

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