Food essentials for the perfect Bonfire night party

A group of friends hold sparklers whilst enjoying party food

Thinking of having a Bonfire night party? Mumsnetters have come up with the perfect menu. You're welcome.

First, you need your hotdogs

Woman eating hot dog

“Hotdogs and soup. Followed by lots of traybakes. When I say hot dogs though – I do mean proper sausages – not actual hot dogs. Go to your local butchers and get different flavours (and veggie ones if need be) – really hearty and filling and perfect dunked in soup.”

And then your jacket potatoes obviously

Jacket Potato with Cream Cheese

“Hot dogs are a bonfire night standard, but my aunt used to do mini jacket potatoes baked in foil with a sour cream topping and they were delicious.”

If you opt for baked beans on the side, they're best homemade

Pulled pork bun with baked beans

“We do a family bonfire party every year. We have pulled pork, homemade baked beans, rolls, jacket potatoes and grated cheese for everyone to help themselves to. We also make mulled cider and some kind of cake for dessert.”

And what's a bonfire party without Parkin on the menu?

Parkin sliced into little squares

“Surely the only acceptable bonfire food is pork pie and mushy peas with mint sauce. Parkin for afters. Possibly some bonfire toffee for good measure.”

You'd be mad to forget the pie …

Potato pie with spoon

“Lancastrian here and potato pie with mushy peas and pickled cabbage is the only thing to eat on bonfire night. With Parkin and too much treacle toffee for afters (Thornton's treacle toffee is pretty good if you can't be bothered to make your own). Hungry now…”

And finally, some hot soup to round up

Cheesy soup with bread

“Pumpkin or butternut squash soup, cheesy baked mushrooms, some nice Brie with chutney and chunky crusty bread. I know it’s Christmassy but baked Camembert. I am on a diet and very hungry now!”