Passover recipes

In 2017, Passover is 10-18 April. The festival is one of the most important in the Jewish calendar and celebrates the children of Israel leaving slavery behind them as they were led out of Egypt by Moses.

Those who observe commemorate the event by eating the food the Israelites ate as they fled, so expect lots of unleavened bread, also known as matzo/matzah. 

During the eight days, it's forbidden to eat leavened products like bread, cakes, etc, or anything that uses leavening agents such as yeast, plus other grains like peas, pulses and beans. But with a little creativity - and a spot of plundering of the Mumsnet recipe archives - you can find lots of ways to conjure up a tasty and traditional Passover feast.

Passover lamb stew 

With rich flavours from beef stock and cubed lamb, this traditional lamb stew is great as a family meal. If you like, you can add potatoes to this hearty meal, or dish up with a side serving of potato kugel. 

Cinnamon balls

These sweet cinnamon balls make a perfect Passover dessert recipe, clocking in at under an hour to make a batch, and are light enough to enjoy at the end of a big meal (or perfect with a cup of tea).


Pesach porridge

This porridge uses matzo meal in places of oats, making it kosher for Passover and a great breakfast to boot. Serve with a dessert spoon of brown sugar for a lovely treacley flavour. 

Matzo brei

A super-simple recipe, similar to French toast, just soften the Matzo crackers in milk or water, mix with egg and fry into a tasty brunch or snack, adding cinnamon and sugar for extra flavour.


Kneidlach dumplings

After you've kneaded the matzo meal and formed the dough into balls, just drop these kneidlach into boiling water and they'll puff up and rise to the top. Serve them in chicken soup - or any soup you like. 


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