Nine ways to use up leftover pumpkin

When you're carving your Jack O'Lantern don't ditch the contents of your pumpkin - turn them into a delicious autumnal treat instead

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1. Halloween pumpkin pie

A staple across the pond in the autumn, this spicy sweet treat makes a great party centrepiece.

2. Scrummy pumpkin fruitcake

This twist on the classic recipe is oh-so-satisfying - and perfect with a big mug of tea on a cold autumn evening.

3. Pumpkin and coconut bread


Start your day right with this delicious alternative to toast - just spread with a little butter or jam and enjoy.

4. Easy pumpkin soup

Always thought making your own soup was a hassle? Not with this five ingredient recipe. It's stress-free and tastes amazing.

5. Pinto and pumpkin casserole

This hearty casserole takes less than an hour to make and will keep the whole family full - perfect for the impending chilly nights.

6. Pumpkin risotto

Creamy, quick and just a little bit sweet - a filling risotto makes for perfect comfort food.

7. Pumpkin and sweetcorn soup 

If you like your soup with a little something extra, this version can be left chunky or blended depending on your taste.

8. Pumpkin pasta


This creamy pasta sauce tastes as good as it looks; why bother with restaurant prices when you can make your own?

9. Pumpkin pot

If you fancy trying something with a wow factor, this delicious seafood stew is served in the actual pumpkin itself - one for winning  presentation points if you're hosting a dinner party.

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