Mumsnet vloggers' Lidl grocery hauls

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Ah, the weekly food shop - draining your pounds, and your patience. While everybody loves a bargain, more often than not feeding the family often comes down to what's easy and familiar.

Enter three Mumsnet vloggers who were challenged to shake things up: could they do their entire family food shop at Lidl AND save money in the process? 

Find out how they got on in their grocery haul videos below and, if you're feeling lazy inspired, download their meal plans for a ready-made week of frugal family dining.

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Running in Lavender

Saved £25+

Not Another Mummy Blog

Saved £60

Brummy Mummy of 2

Saved £20+

Heledd usually spends around £110 on the weekly food shop for her family of four - at Lidl she spent £83. Find out what she bought, made and had left over in a week.

Alison saved around £60 on her weekly food shop at Lidl. See what she bought and cooked up with her husband and four-year-old daughter throughout the week. 

Mum of two Emma saved over £20 on her weekly food shop, which came to £87 at Lidl. Watch the video to see what she bought plus some of the family's favourite meals from the week.

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