The essential Lidl shopping list

Home of brilliant bargains and the stuff-of-legend middle aisle, Lidl has become the go-to supermarket for many Mumsnetters. Using their recommendations, we've created a shopping list of essential purchases to inspire total novices and Lidl connoisseurs alike

Roast in the bag chicken
Roast chicken in a bag

“I find the roast in the bag chicken such brilliant value for money and there is always enough meat left over for a curry.”

Fresh fruit

“High quality and always really fresh but loads cheaper than elsewhere! Lidl were the first supermarket in my area to get the new season British apples – they were delicious.”

The bakery

“We make special trips to Lidl (it's a few miles away!) just for the bakery. The goat's cheese and pesto focaccia is my favourite. The veggie pizza and the tomato and chilli focaccia are good too, as are the chocolate cookies and doughnuts.”


“I found Lidl London Gin to be identical and on par with the leading brands. Crisp, dry and full of flavour.”


“Lidl's nappies are amazing and a very reasonable price. Most importantly, I’ve never had any leaky nappies!”

Dog food
Dog food

“We have a Labrador with a very sensitive tummy who can only tolerate Lidl complete dog food and at less than £3 a bag, it's great value.”

Fun-size snack cucumbers
Snack cucumbers

“I love the snack sized cucumbers for the little ones, they’re a great way to get veg down them!”

Soya milk
Soy Milk

“It’s half the price of other brands – and just as good.”


“It's delicious, an absolute bargain and comes with a screw top too. Lovely!”

Dishwasher tablets
Dishwasher tablet

“So much cheaper than the branded alternatives and they work just as well. We'll never go back to spending so much on branded tablets.”

The middle aisle

“I love the middle aisle of wonder. The school uniform was this year’s winning find – brilliantly long lasting for the price.”

Ready meals

“The ready meal fresh lasagne is to die for and I can actually pass it off as homemade! Proper quantities of meat, cheese and pasta, and not a sloppy, watery mess like others I've bought in the past.”

Tinned fish
Tinned salmon

“A great selection in lots of different sauces such as the wonderful cream and dill. You just can’t get the same choice elsewhere without paying a lot more.”


“I love the big bars of Lidl chocolate, it's chunky and delicious.”

Bechamel sauce
White lasagne sauce

“The bechamel sauce is silky smooth and a staple for lasagne so I always stock up.”

Download the full shopping list – with even more essential bargains – here. Happy shopping!