How to make the best fruit crumble

When the temperature drops, it's only natural for thoughts to turn to crumble. From the perfect topping, to the most warming of fillings, Mumsnetters share their tips on how to make your crumble even better

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First, select your topping

"Switch out 50% of the flour for muesli for an awesome crunchy crumble topping. Thanks Delia..."

"Oats and demerara sugar in the topping, if you like it crunchy!"

"We use a mixture of brown sugar and granulated sugar. Makes all the difference to the taste."

Maybe try something a little different

"We use desiccated coconut in the crumble mix - heaven."

"Coarsely-chopped almonds in the topping are lovely."

Did someone say biscuits?

"My other tip is to crush biscuits into the crumble mix...shortbread fingers or amaretti are best, they hold their crispness. But Ginger Nuts and Nice can be all right too, depending on the fruit."

This is a time to bring out the tins languishing in the kitchen cupboard

"If you want a good store cupboard crumble that's a bit different try tinned peaches and tinned pineapple. I've never served it and had any left in the dish and I've served it thousands of times!"

Add a little zing to your filling

"Grate lemon zest onto filling before sprinkling the crumble topping on."

"Ground ginger in rhubarb crumble is lovely."

For the perfect apple crumble, opinion is divided

"I add a slug of spiced rum to the apples when I soften them on the hob."

"For apple, use eating apples (a mix of Braeburn and Cox is epic), slice and then saute them in butter with sugar, mixed spice and then add a slug of orange juice. You can also add sultanas/raisins etc. Soak them in hot orange juice beforehand if poss. Delicious!"

"I never pre-cook my apples, just bung it all in.

And cooking techniques are equally varied

"Cook with quite a high temp until the crumble is browned, then reduce heat to low and leave it cooking for a while longer. The crumble goes really fudgy and caramelises."

"You should ALWAYS pre-cook the crumble topping separately. Make the breadcrumb-like mix, spread on a baking tray and cook until golden brown. Then break up with fork and crumble on top on your fruit mixture before warming through in oven."

And don't forget the finishing touch

"Serve it warm with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce. Heaven!"

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