How to make the perfect omelette

cheese omelette with salad

It's the perfect midweek meal – fast and delicious. Mumsnetters share their tips on how to make the best omelettes

I've never ever mastered a truly exceptional omelette – those fluffy filled pillows of delight," wailed a Mumsnetter on our Food and Recipe talk board. Cue Mumsnet to the rescue

It begins with the ingredients


Use the freshest eggs available

Of course, you need the right equipment

omelette pan


I have an omelette only pan – it's usually my newest non stick pan and everyone knows not to use it for anything else (until it starts to lose its non stickness then is fair game for anything).


I used to work with a chef who could do it start to finish in less than 10 seconds. Never a spatula to be seen. Very seasoned cast iron pan that kept heat incredibly well was the key I think.

Which you must keep it in perfect condition


Do not wash the pan ever, just wipe out with kitchen roll each time before using and add a knob of butter while the pan heats.

Now – what to add to the egg?

whisking eggs for omelette


One tablespoon of milk per egg – beat thoroughly so lots of air introduced.


I put a splash of cold water in the beaten egg.


My OH puts little blobs of butter into the egg mix before it goes in the pan. He makes delicious omelettes!

Fancy a Spanish omelette? Here's a genius idea


Part cook half a dozen chips in the oven, chop them into rough cube shapes and add to the egg.

Now to the cooking bit

omelette challenge saturday kitchen


I think it's important to fit the mixture to the pan, so it fills it perfectly. When I've had to mess around tilting the pan to spread it, it's never been as good.


When the butter has melted and foamed, pour in the eggs and leave for 10-15 seconds. Then begin to draw the edges into the centre (silicone spatula is best for this) and shake the pan around to move the uncooked bits back to the edges. When the centre is still a little runny in the middle, you're done. Fold the 1/3 nearest you into the middle then slide onto a plate with a little roll/tilt so it folds nicely.


I find finishing it under the grill fluffs it up.

Of course for some (heresy) the whole thing can be better done in a microwave


Lightly grease a microwave-proof dish, add eggs and milk and anything else you want in there – usually peppers and mushrooms, pre-fried, for me. Then microwave on high for two mins, allow to stand, give them another two mins or however long it takes for them to be done in the middle.

Or, you could go totally crazy and get out the sandwich toaster


Whisk egg, pinch of salt, fillings, into the toastie machine for 2 mins. Done!

We apologise for any hunger pangs you may be feeling…

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