Lidl School of Christmas: How to cook a turkey

It's the number one question on everybody's lips: how do you cook a turkey so it doesn't become dry?!

Enter Michelin star awarded chef, Kevin Love, to find an answer - and Mumsnet blogger Heledd, of Running in Lavender, to test his fool-proof method. 

Perfectly tender breast meat, lovely juicy legs, and crispy golden roasties all cooked and on the table at once? Now that's what we like to hear. 

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How to cook a turkey (so it’s not dry!)


1. Pre-heat the oven to 70 degrees

2. Rub butter between the skin and the breast of the bird and season all over with salt

3. Cook the whole bird low and slow at 70 degrees - remember that timings for this part will vary depending on the size of your turkey. Check out Lidl's handy guide to find out how long you'll need to cook yours for (ours was a 2kg bird, so for this step of the process it was in the oven for about 4 hours)

4. While the bird is cooking, prep your roasties (see step 6 - the beauty of this method is that everything will come together at the same time)

5. Remove the turkey once its initial cooking time is up. Whack your oven up to 220 degrees, then carefully separate the legs from the rest of the bird. The crown, for now, can be covered with tin foil and left to rest on the side

6. Place the legs into a baking tray with your roasties and cook for approx 30 mins at 220 degrees. When they're done, cover with tin foil and leave to rest

7. Finally, the crown of the bird can go back into that steaming hot oven for 15-20 minutes

Tip: basting it with extra butter beforehand will help it reach a beautiful golden brown colour

And voila, everything comes together at once. The skin is crisp, the crown moist and the perfectly cooked legs (and roasties!) will still be hot to be served all at once.

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