Hellmann's 100 years of sandwiches

For 100 years, Hellmann's Mayonnaise has been at the heart of the greatest sandwiches but did you know that every day we throw away 200,000 loaves of bread? We are even careless with our fillings. We bin nearly three million tomatoes and one million slices of ham!

At Hellmann's, we love food and we believe eating should be a moment of joy. That's why we hate food waste and encourage you to use your lovely leftovers.


You really can't beat a good sandwich. Whether an egg mayonnaise or tuna sarnie is your lunchtime staple or you like to treat yourself with a juicy BLT at the weekend, life would surely be incomplete without them. If you have a special sandwich that you love to make using your lovely leftovers and you think everyone else will love it too, why not enter it in into the challenge. There's a £150 [______] voucher to be won.

For lots of great hints and tips on what you can do to make your food go further, visit the Love food hate waste website today.



  1. How often do you make sandwiches for your family?
  2. How many different types of sandwich filling do you have in one week?
  3. Do you make your sandwiches the night before or are you an early riser?
  4. What are your hints and tips to keep your bread fresh?
  5. After taking part in the challenge do you think you will be more inventive with your sandwich fillings featuring Hellmann's mayo?


Last updated: almost 3 years ago