Really healthy meals you'll actually want to eat

It can be a tough call between health and, well, triple-cooked chips. Here are Mumsnetters' suggestions for indulgent recipes that are, remarkably, pretty healthy too

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1. Shakshuka

"Fry some chopped onions (and optional chorizo), then add garlic, cumin, chilli and paprika. After a couple of minutes, add tinned tomatoes or passata and simmer until thick. Stir in a shed-load of fresh coriander, then make wells in the sauce and crack eggs in. Put a lid on the frying pan until they're cooked. Delicious." 

2. Vietnamese pho

Vietnamese Pho
"Fresh stock, garlic cloves, root ginger, chopped chilli, meat, fish, greens, (whatever we have in really - usually chicken, prawns, some shredded cabbage or pak choi) and a handful of rice noodles per person. Serve as a thin soup in a big bowl."

3. Mediterranean fish stew

Fish stew
"Add fried chopped onions, fennel, tinned tomatoes and chilli to water or white wine. Chuck in some halved new potatoes and maybe a green pepper, followed by white fish fillets (often frozen). Add in other seafood (like squid or mussels, again frozen) at the end."

4. Red pepper stuffed with anchovies

Stuffed pepper
"Cut a red pepper (per person) in half. Scoop out the seeds but keep the stalk on. Inside each half goes skinned, quartered tomatoes, a crushed clove of garlic and a few anchovies. Put fresh basil on top. Pour a bit of olive oil on it and put it into a hot oven. If you don't like anchovies, replace them with goat's cheese."

5. Chipotle chicken with salad 

Chicken salad
"Cut a skinned chicken breast into small chunks and stir fry with red onion, garlic and chipotle paste. Serve with chopped avocado, tomatoes, red pepper and coriander - and top with a blob of unsweetened greek yoghurt. This is my favourite 'can't be arsed to cook' meal."

6. Salmon with mango and avocado salsa

Salmon with mango and avocado salsa"Griddled salmon with a side of fresh mango and avocado salsa (mango, red onion, avocado and lime juice). Add steamed asparagus on the side."

7. Poached eggs 

Poached egg with avocado and spinach

"My favourite healthy breakfast is poached eggs, with a bit of cayenne pepper, on spinach with red chilli, lime & avocado - maybe with some toast to soak everything up."

8. Halloumi and cumin roasted carrots

"Serve with mixed leaves and toasted seeds." 

9. Lentil and cashew loaf with sliced aubergine 

"I usually make three at a time and freeze the others. It's gorgeous hot or cold."

10. Courgetti stir-fry  

"I do a stir-fry with courgetti, chillies, peppers, any other veg I have on the go - usually broccoli and cherry tomatoes - and a couple of slices of chopped up bacon. Seasoned with crushed peppercorns. Oh, my mouth is watering now!"

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