Healthy lunchbox inspiration for the whole family

Lidl lunchbox

Step away from the tired old cheese sandwiches: Lidl asked Mumsnetters for their go-to healthy lunchbox ideas and ended up with 10 recipes and combinations to please the whole family

1. Eggs, reimagined

“Our new favourite is eggy muffins: layer any mix of veg, cheese or ham in silicone muffin cases, pour over beaten egg, bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes. My children won’t normally touch veg but put it in a muffin and it’s suddenly fun and yummy.”

2. Plenty of healthy fats

“I put shredded carrot, lettuce, cheese and sweetcorn in a wrap, and as a snack my kids have chopped avocado with balsamic vinegar, a pinch of salt and olive oil.”

3. A guaranteed pasta hit

“My children get bored of sandwiches, so instead I do veggie pasta. Cooled pasta, tossed in olive oil, chopped red pepper and sweetcorn, then I add a little grated Italian hard cheese. Eaten every time.”

4. Pita pizzas

“I make healthy pizzas. I spread tomato puree on mini pitas, then add whatever topping they fancy – usually ham or salami, sweetcorn, mushrooms and some grated mozzarella – then I’ll throw them under the grill for a couple of minutes. They take two minutes to cook, taste delicious, and offer a couple of the kids’ five portions of veg.”

5. Build-your-own salad

“Mine like a mini salad bar in a box – they have boxes with various compartments. I'll put chopped hard boiled eggs, mixed leaves, cubed tomatoes and cucumber, cooked lardons, sweet corn, tortilla chips, and a pot of dressing. They love mixing the bits all together to make their own salad.”

6. Something warm and comforting

“I batch cook soups at the weekend and freeze them in portions. My son especially likes minestrone, turkey and barley, chicken noodle or beef broth. We bought food flasks which keep the soup hot until lunch. Add a chunk of bread or a savoury scone (also batch cooked at the weekend and frozen individually) and he is very happy.”

7. Lunchables – but, better

“I make my own, much healthier variation of a lunchable as I know the kids will eat it. I use wheat crackers or cream crackers, which I layer with slices of salami, ham or pepperoni and little squares of cheese. To make them super healthy, I add sliced cucumber, radishes or cherry tomatoes – which always go down very well.”

8. A seasonal selection

“Lidl seeded flatbreads are yummy accompanied with hummus. I include these plus small containers of cucumber, tomato, carrot, with another small container for grapes, melon chunks or strawberries – whatever is in season.”

9. Sunday roast carried through the week

“I cook a chicken on Sunday, which I carve and keep in the fridge. I then add the meat to wraps with shredded lettuce, sweetcorn and chopped mini peppers. A squirt of low fat mayo, BBQ or sweet chilli sauce makes them extra tasty.”

10. Home-made caesar salad

“My children like salad leaves with spinach, cold sliced hard boiled egg, tinned tuna flakes and cold sliced boiled potato. I mix everything up with some caesar dressing for a very filling and delicious lunch.”

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