Healthy recipes for the New Year

To help kickstart any healthy eating regime you've got planned this New Year, we've put together two week's worth of filling and delicious meal ideas with recipes from all over the world. (Don't worry, it's not wall-to-wall kale and miso soup.) Check back daily over the next two weeks to see what our healthy recipe of the day is.

And don't forget, there's quite literally thousands of recipes uploaded by Mumsnetters in our Food section, so have a look, and add your own favourite healthy recipes if you feel inspired. 


Day 1 - Easy peasy chickpea curry

Cumin, tumeric and ginger will warm up a grey January day and give this low-fat (and vegetarian) curry a satisfying depth. Serve with a dollop of fat-free yoghurt and a handful of chopped coriander to add yet more flavour.




Last updated: almost 3 years ago