Easy ways to get kids to eat more fruit and yoghurt

Child eating yoghurt

From toddlers to teens, encouraging your children to eat healthily is important – but it's not always easy. GoGo squeeZ asked Mumsnetters to share their clever tips to sneak more fruit and yoghurt into kids' diets

You can't go wrong with a smoothie

Smoothie ice lollies

“We make fruity smoothies using bananas, strawberries and yoghurt which we then freeze into ice lolly moulds. My kids feel like they’re getting a real treat.”

The freezer is your friend

Sounds delicious

“Dip grapes and raspberries into yoghurt and then freeze – they’re like sweets.”

It's okay to use a little creative licence

Power rangers

“I tell my kids that fruit is what Power Rangers eat. Then we have an arm wrestle that they obviously win because they're so strong, as a result of eating all of their fruit!”

Replace sugar with the healthy stuff

Banana muffins

“With overripe bananas I'll generally make banana bread muffins – you don't have to use nearly as much sugar because the bananas naturally sweeten the cake.”

Don't worry, you can have ice-cream

Ice cream for baby

“I freeze sliced banana and put it in the NutriBullet with some peanut butter for an easy, healthy and tasty ice cream alternative.”

Give old favourites a makeover

Healthy crumble

“Instead of a sugar-heavy crumble, I make a fruit puree with apples and pears, add a crunchy oat topping and serve with a lovely thick yoghurt.”

They'll want what they can't have

Hiding girl

“I cut up a plate of fruit, leave it on the table and tell her that's for her dad when he gets in from work and not to touch it. She can't eat it fast enough!”

Step up your breakfast game

Bircher muesli

“My children love homemade bircher muesli which I make by mixing oats, grated apple, orange juice and yoghurt and then soak overnight.”

If it looks good, it will taste good

Delicious gif

“Presentation is key. Makie a fruit platter with a good mix of colours and it becomes irresistible. I like to include strawberries, apple, banana, orange and grapes with a pot of dipping yoghurt in the centre – yum.”

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