Easy ways to get kids to eat more fruit

Child eating yoghurt

From toddlers to teens, encouraging your children to eat healthily is important – but it's an uphill battle not always easy. Nice by Nature asked Mumsnet users to share their clever tips to sneak more fruit into kids' diets, and you never know – they might just be the answer to your mealtime prayers

You can't go wrong with a smoothie


“I make fruit smoothies with fruit that is close to going off and I call it superhero juice to make boys and girls strong, which they love.”

The freezer is your friend

Sounds delicious

“During these warm summer months, whizz up various fruits and freeze in ice lolly moulds. The kids absolutely love them. Full of goodness. All kids like ice lollies.”

Get back to nature

Fruit picking

“Try going to a 'pick your own fruit' farm. A sneaky way to get them to hunt for blueberries and other fruit that they might not otherwise eat. We love going blackberrying too.”

Replace sugar with healthy stuff

Banana muffins

“Pancakes with banana, cinnamon and egg – no sugar. Porridge with any fruit cut up small and stirred through and the same with yoghurt.”

Don't worry, you can have ice cream

Ice cream for baby

“I have made pineapple and strawberry ice cream, mixed with some fromage frais. It makes a lovely dessert.”

Give them some choice

Girl at supermarket

“I let them walk about the supermarket and pick fruits they want to try or like the look of and if they like them I get them weekly.”

They'll want what they can't have

Hiding girl

“Another trick is to say they're not allowed to eat it or put it on your own plate – then they'll want it.”

Step up your breakfast game

Bircher muesli

“I try and garnish breakfast with fruit. For example, banana on toast, berries in the oatmeal and freshly squeezed juice. Show kids that you are eating it and they'll almost always copy you.”

If it looks good, it will taste good

Delicious gif

“Giving them a choice of fresh, colourful, chopped up fruit is a good way to encourage them to eat it. Occasionally, dipping strawberries in melted chocolate and putting them in the fridge also helps.”

Taste the flavours of nature
Nice by Nature lollies

Here's what Nice By Nature has to say: "At Nice By Nature we've created a new range of delicious fruit ice lollies. They're made from 100% fruit and absolutely nothing else! In fact our lollies always contain:

  • 4 ingredients or less
  • No added sugar
  • 22-24 calories
  • A contribution to your five-a-day

“Your kids might call them a snack or even a treat, but you can think of them as a fruit bowl in your freezer. From talking with mums and dads, we know that it is not always easy getting the food we want into our kids' hands, let alone having them actually eat it. We simply believe that nature has its own store cupboard, a world of wonderful ingredients in the fields, forests and orchards. The good news is that Mother Nature is happy to share.”