Food Feb - a month of recipes, tips, expert advice and great webchats from chefs and TV cooks

delia smith webchat

Delia webchat

Our month-long celebration of food went out with a bang as the sainted Delia turned up at MNHQ for a webchat and to announce the winners of our cake decorating competition.


Local food guide

local markets

Looking for a good farmers market, food event or great independent food shop near you? Our local editors have put together a handy guide for you.

8 great family recipe books

Nigella Express

Fire up your imagination and improve your cooking with ideas from these eight classic recipe books.

Cake decorating

night garden cake

If you've made a special cake you're proud of, show us a picture and you could win a copy of Delia's new book. After inspiration? See our cake decorating ideas.

Best basic recipes

 pizza dough

There are some recipes every enthusiastic cook should have in their repertoire – pizza dough, a decent Victoria sponge, perfect meringues. Add these clever recipes from the Mumsnet archive to your recipe binder.

Teenage vegetarian recipes


If your child has just come home and announced they're becoming a vegetarian, what's the next step? We have tips from other parents, advice on nutrition and some handy recipes.

Food bloggers

glamorous glutton

Mumsnet Bloggers Network includes a well-seasoned mix of people blogging about food. We've brought together a taster to whet your appetite.

Family meals survey

family meals infographic

We asked Mumsnetters to tell us how their family shopped, ate and cooked – the results make for interesting reading.

Cooking gadgets and books


Find out which breadmakers, slow cookers and cookery books Mumsnetters swear by. And if your favourite isn't there, please add a review.