Family food


As our cookbook Top Bananas! says: "Eating a meal together is one of the great pleasures of family life."

Of course, it can also be a bit of a battlezone. So to help out we've brought together your helpful hints on everything from having a thoughtfully-stocked fridge and storecupboard to being in possession of a clutch of winning family meals.

Your favourite family dishes

pesto pastas

We asked you to share your signature family dishes with us – the ones that are guaranteed to have everyone in your family clearing their plates. Tell us your fail-safes – and pick up some ideas!

Eat your greens!

eating greens

Searching for a cunning way to persuade your children that vegetables are, in fact, food of the gods? Look no further than our eight foolproof tips to get fussy eaters eating veggies.

Food gadgets: the best 9

kitchen gadgets

We've come up with the holy grail – from graters to grills, a list of handy kitchen gadgets that no home should be without.

Store cupboard essentials

shopping list

From pasta to sea salt to golden syrup – what well-stocked fridges, freezers and store cupboards should contain. How do yours compare?