10 tips for family fun in the kitchen

When the British weather isn't playing ball, cooking with your kids is always a great way to spend time - AND you get to eat the results afterwards. Mumsnetters have some tips for fun in the kitchen

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1. Don't panic about presentation

"Rock cakes are a favourite of ours and they don't require any presentation skills."

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2. There's absolutely no shame in shortcuts

"If I'm feeling adventurous I'll make biscuit dough and refrigerate or freeze it. Then, when the time is right, it's a case of simply rolling and cutting and baking."

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3. Savoury is every bit as good as sugary

"We like to make cheese scones - really quick and easy.The kids get to eat their creations straight away for lunch, and I'm not stressing over too much sugar."

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4. Have fun with formulas

"I've enjoyed teaching my two how to make the weight of an egg sponge and drop scones - partly because they're such simple recipes they quickly learnt them off by heart. You weigh the egg/s and then use the same weight of self-raising flour, margarine and sugar - and a few drops of vanilla essence. For the drop scones you just have to remember the fraction 1/4 and use 1 egg, 4oz self-raising flour and 1/4 pint milk."

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5. Make it for takeout

"We like to make mini quiches in muffin tins together. We whip up the pastry in the food processor, do a basic eggy mix and then customise with our own fillings. My son loves chorizo so lots go in his quiches, I like a bit of chipotle sauce in mine for a bit of a kick. We then have a ready made picnic, so if the weather is kind we can head straight out."

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6. It's all good practice

"My son is a dab hand at kneading dough and it keeps him quiet and busy for at least five minutes. We do love making pizza on a Saturday afternoon and then eating it while watching a film in the evening. My granny and mum taught me to cook and it's such a valuable life skill, I want to pass it on."

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7. Get 'em helping with family meals too

"We try our best to bake two or three times a week to try and get the children involved in food preparation and healthy eating (pasta sauce, bolognese etc.). I'm currently building each of them a recipe book of all their favourite foods over the years to give on their 18th birthday."

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8. Turn it into a tradition

"We try to make a rainbow cake every half term (seven thin sponge layers, coloured with food colouring). It gets better every time - but is still a long way off being perfect. It's become a tradition/running joke, and we spend a day researching and planning our new approach, a day baking and testing. The kids will have left home by the time we get it right!"

9. Because you're never too young to start...

"My daughter is only 19 months, but give her a bowl with some bananas on the turn and a potato masher and she'll squidge them all up for banana bread. She's also quite good at cutting out the circles when I've rolled out the mixture for scones."

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10. ...And before you know it, they won't need your input at all!

"Mine are now old enough to bake without my help. They disappear into the kitchen and emerge with all sorts of goodies. But it's not good for my diet!"

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