Family baking


As our cookbook Top Bananas! says: "There's something magical about baking."

Of course, it can also be frankly tricky if you don't know your pastry from your cake batter. So we've brought together Mumsnetters' wisdom on the subject to help you turn out bakes that would make Mary Berry proud.


Comfort food baking


These warming winter recipes from cobbler to pies and tarts are just the thing to ward off the cold weather blues.

8 ways to win at the school cake stall


If you want your cakes to be the talk of the school playground (for all the right reasons) here's the Mumsnet #101 on how to bake and sell successfully when it comes to school cake stalls.

Baking with fruit and veg

healthy baking

Baking doesn't have to be all about cupcakes and sponges; try these delicious (and easy) recipes where Autumn's fruit and vegetables are the main attraction.

Need to know baking hacks

chef smoke

No self-raising flour in the cupboard? Flapjacks glued to the baking tray? Mumsnetters provide cunning solutions to the most commonly-raised baking issues.

Your recipes

Recipe collections

Choose from thousands of recipes in the Mumsnet archives, submitted by Mumsnetters who've been there, got the apron and won the approval of fussy children to boot.

Talk: Cakes & Bakes

computer in kitchen

Favourite recipe books, decorating tips, cupcake traumas – it's all to be found in the baking section of Mumsnet's Talk boards. Post pics of your successes and bemoan your disasters here.