9 delicious strawberry recipes for the summer

It's strawberry season! Lidl asked Mumsnetters for their top recipes, and here's a round-up of the myriad ways that you can serve this deliciously versatile fruit

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1. Easy ice lollies

"Mush strawberries, mint and lemonade together and freeze in a lolly mould - makes amazing ice lollies!"

2. Strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake

"Mix 175g of crumbled shortbread biscuits with 50g of melted unsalted butter, then press into base & sides of 20cm springform tin. Chill. Beat 300g cream cheese with 200g strawberry fromage frais together until smooth and thick. Add 200g of melted white chocolate & 225g chopped strawberries. Spoon filling into biscuit case, level top and chill for 4 hours until set."

3. Yoghurt and honey-dipped strawberries

"My children love making dipped strawberries - mix honey and greek yoghurt together, dip strawberries into the yoghurt mix and put in freezer for half an hour. Take out the strawberries and dip them again in the yoghurt and roll them in crushed toasted hazelnuts. Put in fridge for a couple of hours, then it's ready as a healthy snack."

4. Strawberry daiquiris

"Strawberry daiquiris! Blitz strawberries in a blender, and add crushed ice and white rum or tequila. Amazing. Kids can enjoy too without the booze added."

5. Strawberry and chocolate pizza

"Bake any pizza dough but add half a cup of icing sugar. Spread with a cream cheese icing sugar mix (to taste - depending how sweet you like it). Cover with strawberries. We sprinkle the adult half with chopped pecans and the kids' half with dollops of Nutella."

6. A twist on a classic cheeseboard

"Strawberries pair really well with cheese, they make a welcome addition to the cheeseboard during the summer months."

7. Grown-up strawberry pudding

"Sliced strawberries in a meringue nest covered with whipped cream flavoured with Amaretto liqueur, with crushed Amaretto biscuits sprinkled on top."

8. Eton Mess terrine

"I buy a really good tub of vanilla ice cream and allow it to soften. Mash up fresh strawberries, crumble up shop bought meringues, and mix all 3 together. Pile into a loaf tin lined with cling film, and put in the freezer. Once frozen, leave in fridge while you eat your main course, turn out, and slice in thick slabs and drizzle with strawberry puree. Voila! Eton Mess Terrine."

9. Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins

"Chop up strawberries into small pieces and cover the bottom of each cupcake case. Make a sponge batter, fill the cases with that on top of the strawberries and bake. You get a lovely sponge with a delicious layer of gooey strawberry. Ice with cream cheese icing and generous sprinkling of crushed digestives to mimic the crunchy base of a typical cheesecake. Absolutely divine!"

Lidl aims to get its fresh strawberries on shelves within just 48-hours of being hand-picked and checked for prime ripeness - the rest is up to you!

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