10 quick and easy after-school dinners

Already faltering in your quest for quick but tasty school night meals? Here are our top 10 faff-free recipes, guaranteed to leave you plenty of time for Mumsnet other vital activities

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From 0 to dinner in 20 minutes

On the table before they can say, 'Muuum - what's for tea?'

Quickest noodle soup

A brilliant way to use up jaded greens - bulk this out with whatever you have in the fridge. They'll never know. 

Cheesy pizza pita 

What could be better than pizza? Easy homemade pizza, obviously. 

Simple ratatouille 

Chat brightly about the Pixar film while serving - they'll barely notice it's vegetarian.

Ginger and soy stir-fry

Wins on adaptability alone: prawns and chicken both work well, and you can use rice or noodles, depending on your store cupboard - plus whatever veggies you have to hand.

One-pot wonders

Minimal washing up, maximum yum. 

Magic one-pot spaghetti 

Bung everything in one pan and bring it to the boil. It really is that simple.

Spaghetti bolognese 

A pared-down but still scrumptious classic: make double, and freeze a portion for another time (or try this alternative when you really want to push the boat out). 

Salmon Español

Taken from our fabulous family cookbook, Top Bananas!, and popular with even the fussiest kids. 

Slow cooker classics

A bit of prep in the morning means you can dish up dinner as soon you get in. 

Yummy pork curry

A sneaky way to introduce children to spicy food - increase the heat as their palates adjust.

Chicken tagine

What this lacks in authenticity, it makes up for in deliciousness. There'll be time for earthenware pots later - right now Bake Off is on. 

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