Quick and easy after-school snacks

You know the drill - children are ALWAYS starving when they get home from school. Here are 10 easy, healthy-ish snacks to have ready to fend off hunger pangs 'til supper

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1. Courgette muffins

Top tip: This is a sticky mixture, so silicon muffin cases are your best bet

2. Savoury popcorn

Top tip: Pre-mix the spices to save time (and adapt according to your children's tastes)

3. Cheese and sweetcorn pancakes

Top tip: Make up the batter in the morning (or the night before) and then keep in the fridge until you're ready to start

4. Simple onion bhajis

Top tip: If you want a healthier version, bake the bhajis in an oven at 200C for around 15 minutes instead of frying them

5. Sweet potato wedges

Top tip: Let the kids help tossing the wedges in oil if they (and you) don't mind getting their hands dirty

6. Easy garlic bread

Top tip: Prepare this up to the baking stage and then wrap in foil and chill until you're ready to cook

7. Quesadillas

Top tip: If you have fussy eaters, the jalapeno pepper is definitely optional!

8. Muffin pizzas

Top tip: Turn making these into a fun activity by roping in the kids to help

9. Carrot cookies

Top tip: Tell yourself they count as part of your five a day

10. Hidden veg rarebit

Top tip: Save the leftover sauce for more rarebits during the week

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