Dinner in 15 minutes: the fastest ever meals

Stuck on a school night? Mumsnetters share the 15 minute meals their children actually look forward to. Share this - it's parenting gold. 


Chicken fajitas

Kids love anything wrappy - fact.


Cheat's macaroni cheese

Perennial favourite at turbo speed.



Winning combo of wrap and melty cheese.


Salmon with spring onions

Because salmon doesn't count as fish, and spring onions don't count as onions.


Homemade burgers 

Because, you know, burgers.


Speedy spaghetti carbonara

Superfast alternative spag dish.


Oven-roasted vegetables

Roasting makes them sweet, and sweet is good.


Egg fried rice

<Sotto voce> We've heard you can even get away with using brown rice. 


Cheesy bacon pasta

Cheese, bacon, pasta - good individually, better mixed together.



Because who doesn't?


Stirfry... anything

Confuses the most vehement veggie refuser.


Couscous and halloumi

Cheese that you can grill! 


Gnocchi in blue cheese sauce

Well, you never know.  



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