Comfort food recipes for colder days

From fruit crumbles to savoury pies, fresh from the oven, these simple recipes are just the ticket for when the weather is cold and miserable     

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Beef Cobbler

"Perfect for wintry weather with a bottle of red on a TV evening."

"Delicious, especially the cobbler topping. We made it with self raising flour - very light and fluffy."

Feta filo parcel

A lovely recipe for using up seasonal chard or cabbage.

Chicken pie

"Very easy to make. I'm Dairy Free and so just swapped the butter for dairy free margarine and the pastry was Jus Rol which is dairy free too. Definitely a winner." 

Cheese and mushroom slice

"Nice and easy with ready to roll pastry, just make sure you seal the edges properly! Filling and satisfying: the kids love it."


Caramelised onion and goat's cheese tart

"Use red onions or the effect isn't quite as pretty." 

Orange syrup microwave pudding

"Just made this for the first time and it's really delicious. Very easy (even for a culinary cretin) and it uses store cupboard ingredients, so great for pudding-related emergencies."

"A hugely popular tea time treat in [our] household. So quick to make, do it while they are eating the main course!"

Spiced apple cake

"This is a lovely cake with a Christmassy taste... Really love it."


Rhubarb and apple crumble

"My husband made a lovely rhubarb and strawberry compote last weekend - this was a great way to get the kids to eat rhubarb and goes very well with ice-cream."

"I used gala apples, as I find baking apples too tart. The recipe was lovely."


Chocolate and chestnut cake

"This is the most scrummy, moist cake ever! I have coeliac disease and have been fed up with useless crumbly-textured cakes. A definite winner!"

"This is a lovely rich and dense cake. It is sooo tasty, everyone who I have served it to raves about it. It is hard to get the vacuum packed chestnuts. French or Spanish delis stock them, as do Waitrose and big Sainsbury's."


Bread and butter pudding

"Thank you so much for this recipe. I remember my mum making it (though she used to soak the bread overnight) but I never did get the recipe from her. I look forward to making it now!" 

"Very easy way to use up bread that you might otherwise bin. You can vary the combination of fruit - I like cranberries but cherries or apricots would do just as well."


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