Christmas cooking events


Roast potatoes and parsnipsThe culinary expertise on the MN Food boards is a mighty thing, but we know you're not averse to experts when it comes to cooking and baking advice, particularly when, for many families, Christmas is the big meal of the year.

So have a browse through our Christmas cooking events with Delia Smith, Nigella Lawson and Dan Lepard before you put the oven on to preheat - Christmas dinner, perfect gravy, cranberry sauce, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, mince pies... it's all covered. 


Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson

"There are a couple of stuffings that I use for goose, one is a mashed potato stuffing via Ireland, and the other hails from Denmark and is predominantly made with dried pears and fresh cranberries. The sharp, fruity stuffing is just perfect with the fattiness of the goose." Nigella Lawson, Dec 2011

Domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson graced The Towers for a live webchat and answered a deluge of questions on trifles, stuffing, the perfect Christmas eve recipes, and maintinaing an air of calm under severe culinary pressure. 


Dan LepardDan Lepard

"You can use a regular shortcrust pastry, without the sugar, and fill it with cooked turkey held together with a little pasta sauce, chopped drained mozzarella and green olives: voila, Christmas colour!" Dan Lepard, Nov 2011

Food writer, Dan Lepard demonstrated how to cook suet-free mincemeat and simple shortcrust pastry for perfect mince pies. Then sat down for a live webchat where he answered your questions on stollen recipes, freezing and storing mince pies and savoury recipe alternatives.


Delia SmithDelia Smith

""The best tip I can give Mumsnet regarding Christmas dinner is to sit down and make a plan - or follow my plan!" Delia Smith, Nov 2011

Britain's cooking doyenne visited MN Towers for a live webchat and answered loads of questions on the right time to start a Christmas cake, how to make perfect gravy, the best vegetarian Christmas recipes and generally soothed our frazzled pre-Christmas catering nerves. 



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