11 recipes that'll make you fall in love with cauliflower

Apparently cauliflower is to 2015 what kale was to 2014 - ie, the super-trendy going-to-be-in-everything food. So embrace the fluffy white veg this year with 11 of Mumsnetters' very own recipes...


Egg fried cauliflower rice with veggies


Buttery cauliflower mash


Cauliflower pizza bases


Creamy curried cauliflower soup


Comforting cauliflower gratin


Tagliatelle with hidden veggie goodness


Banana and cauliflower salad


Bacon, cheese and cauliflower bake


Middle Eastern roasted cauliflower


Thai spiced cauliflower and coconut soup


And of course, the humble (but delicious) cauliflower cheese...



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