Burns Night recipes

Whether you're a Scot yourself, want to make a special effort for a Scottish loved one, or just fancy a celebration – our Burns Night supper ideas will do the job

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Smoked salmon paté - perfect for canapes if you're having a dinner party


Cullen skink - basically haddock chowder; this version adds in sweet potato to the traditional ingredients


Rabbie Burns chicken - a creative way to get the kids to eat haggis


Mince and tatties with dumplings - a simple but hearty family supper


Oatmeal-stuffed neeps - a great Burns supper dish for vegetarians (or haggis haters)


Scottish tablet - one of the world's most sugary treats


Cranachan - finish your meal off with oaty, fruity goodness


Cranreuch's crumbles - another oaty dessert

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