Boozy ice lollies (one for the grown-ups!)

Super-easy, a little bit boozy and oh so refreshing... these glorious homemade ice lollies are strictly for grown-ups. Choose between a classic gin and tonic, cosmopolitan cocktail or tropical Pina Colada. 

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First Make your sugar syrup:

    This is what helps the alcohol to freeze. Combine equal parts of sugar and water and shake until it's syrup consistency.

    Now the boozy bit...

    FOR G&T
    1 shot of sugar syrup
    1 shot of gin
    270ml of tonic water

    1 shot of sugar syrup
    1 shot of vodka
    10ml of triple sec
    170ml cranberry juice
    100ml of tonic

    1 shot of sugar syrup
    1 shot of rum
    150ml pineapple juice
    120ml coconut milk

    Pour in to Ice-lolly moulds and Leave in the freezer overnight. And there you have it, Ice lollies just how you like em'!

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