Best basic recipes

Every now and then, we spy a particularly useful/delicious/clever recipe which we reckon deserves a turn in the spotlight. So, here are the best basic recipes in the Mumsnet recipe database. Do try these recipes out and, if you have a hands-down winner of a recipe for a classic dish, please add it here.


Victoria sponge recipe

Want to whip up a perfect Victoria sponge? This classic recipe comes highly rated by Mumsnetters who praised it as "the best sponge I've ever made" and "perfect". 

Pizza dough recipe

When it comes to producing up something everyone likes, it's hard to beat the humble pizza. Try this pizza dough recipe and add your own toppings for a perfect family dinner. 

Meringue recipe


Mixed together with cream and fruit in an Eton mess, impressive in a pavlova, or just on their own with whipped cream… there are so many delicious ways to enjoy meringues.

Chicken noodle soup

In need of a comforting meal? This warming chicken noodle soup is packed lemon grass, limes and coriander to help you put a spring in your step. 

Pancake recipes

Pancakes and lemon

It doesn't have to be pancake day to enjoy them for your breakfast, main or dessert, so why not get some flipping practice in – with our basic pancake batter recipe, plus lots of delicious variations.

Drinks recipes


Not drinking alcohol? How does non-alcoholic cranberry cider sound, or perhaps spiced lemonade? Browse our recipes for delicious non or low-alcoholic mocktails.