"What's your favourite biscuit...?"

In honour of National Biscuit Day, here's a selection of our favourite responses to the Mumsnet biscuit question. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out which webchat guest chose what. 

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1. Jammie Dodger

jammy dodger

"My favourite biscuit is a Jammie Dodger, and I tend to crunch all the way around the biscuit edge and then eat the jam in the middle."

2. Chocolate Digestives

chocolate digestives

a) "The important point about a chocolate digestive is that it combines the temptation of the chocolate with the nourishment of the wholemeal biscuit pabulum stuff. Each biscuit delivers on that promise, time after time, until you get to the bottom of the packet. It is about consistency and reliability. It does what it says on the packet."

b) "I spent all day panicking about this question. In the end, I'd have to say, it's very hard to beat a McVitie's chocolate digestive, but only eaten in the correct way. I like to lick all the chocolate off and then give the biscuit to the dog."

3. Shortbread

"Favourite biscuit - shortbread made by daughter. Usually at Christmas when she realises she hasn't bought me a present."

4. Gingernuts

ginger nuts

"Someone in our church called Jeannie gave me her recipe for gingernuts, which has always been brilliant."

5. Choc chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

"I LOVE chocolate chip cookies."

6. Viennese whirl

viennese whirl

"Yummy. Chomp."

7. Oreos


"Oreos are the greatest invention of the 20th century. To scoop the cream out and then eat the biscuit is my idea of paradise."



8. Custard Creams

custard creams

"My favourite biscuit is a Custard Cream because it's good for dipping."

9. Jaffa Cakes*

jaffa cakes

"This is definitely the last time I do Mumsnet (unless they get Jaffa Cakes)."

*Yes we KNOW they're not a biscuit...

10. Garibaldi


"Formicae (that, I think, is the Latin for Garibaldi)."

11. Penguins and Wagon Wheels

penguin biscuit bars

"I know this a sensitive issue - I would say Penguins and Wagon Wheels although some would say they are not biscuits as they are individually packaged. I also quite like a Custard Cream. I am against Rich Teas - you might as well eat a communion wafer."

12. Waitrose digestives

waitrose digestives 

"I like the new 30 calorie digestive biscuits from Waitrose my husband has discovered - he's in charge of all the shopping in our house - eaten with a HUGE SLICE of Cheddar. I'm sure you can see what a sensible and well-thought-out meal this is."

13. Oatcakes

oat cakes

"I like Oatcakes with butter and cheese." 

14. Chocolate Hobnobs


"My favourite biscuit is a Chocolate Hobnob. I can eat a packet in one sitting. In fact, I'm off to find some now."


  1. Jammie Dodgers - Idris Elba
  2. Chocolate Digestives - a) Boris Johnson b) Hugh Grant
  3. Shortbread - Dawn French
  4. Gingernuts - Delia Smith
  5. Chocolate chip cookies - Goldie Hawn
  6. Viennese Whirls - Jack Monroe
  7. Oreos - Ruby Wax
  8. Custard Creams - Miranda Hart
  9. Jaffa Cakes - Anthony Horowitz
  10. Garibaldi - Mary Beard
  11. Penguins - Russell Brand
  12. Waitrose Digestives - Caitlin Moran
  13. Oatcakes - David Cameron
  14. Chocolate Hobnobs - Steven Mangan

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